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Mint Finish Construction started out in 1992 first as a sole proprietorship. In May of 1997 the company moved to established a limited liability company registered under the name Mint Finish Construction Limited. The company was started to fill a need for numerous request to its owner for recommendations of a contractor. As a licensed real estate agent, its owner Jefferson Kirton got many a request from many of his purchasers for someone to construct a house thereon. He used this opportunity back in 1992 to start in various aspects of the industry including the construction of new houses, repairs and renovations. We have concentrated our efforts mostly in the residential arena but have done a considerable amount of work in small commercial projects as well.

The company has moved on to opening other aspects over the years. We have a unique range of construction experience working in both the Public and Private Sectors. Mint Finish Construction Limited has worked in the capacity as both a Prime and Subcontractor, successfully fulfilling the requirements of a variety of projects. This has helped us to develop a style of contracting that minimizes cost over- runs, maximizes communication, and stresses safety, quality, and productivity.

The most critical resource of any construction firm is the quality and skills of its employees. At Mint Finish Construction Limited we have a diverse group of highly skilled professionals throughout our many operating and administrative areas; from our Managers and Supervisors with years of experience who keep our crews productive, efficient, and safe; to our internal office staff with key individuals to help assist in the day to day operations of our company.

The company moved in 2013 to establish another company to focus mainly on smaller projects specializing in the removal and disposal of hazardous waste. This sister company, Mint Finish Maintenance Inc. was established to look after the needs of clients with smaller projects. We are certified by the local Environmental Protection Department to handle and properly dispose of hazardous waste.

With this most recent addition we are now referred to as the “The Mint Finish Group”. This group is made up of our Real Estate sales, rentals and property management arm operating under JDK Enterprises. Our small maintenance and repairs under Mint Finish Maintenance Inc., and Mint Finish Construction Limited looking after the larger and more complex projects.

Our work force has consistently proven its ability and willingness to successfully perform difficult tasks in short time frames, on schedule and on budget. Our goal is to always provide services that leave our clients satisfied.
This is borne out in our motto:

“Construction with a smile, from start to finish”

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